How Networking Can Help Your Business
Learn from a group of window film shop owners who have been networking with one another for several years—but most importantly see how this has helped them implement new ideas and grow their businesses. If you are not using the  power  of  industry  networking  this  session  is  sure  to  change your mind.
Speakers: Kyle Fuller, owner of Tint Pro in Bonaire, Ga.; Sid  and  Josh  Maharajh,  co-owner  of  California’s  Genesis  Window  Tinting;  Michael  Martinez,  from  Precision  Window Tinting in Casper, Wyo.; Kyle Rehatchek, owner of  Black  Diamond  Tint  in  Pottsville,  Pa.;  and  Ricky  and  Josh  Miller,  owners  of  Green  Valley  Window  Tinting  in  Henderson, Nev.

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